We apply our experience in building great companies to meet the growing need for improved healthcare products and services, resulting in breakthrough therapies and technologies that have transformed the healthcare industry. Our portfolio includes innovative businesses at all stages of development, from startups with novel approaches to developing specialty medicines to established leaders expanding into new markets.

Life Sciences

NEA invests in promising companies across the life sciences spectrum, at all stages of development. We focus on novel therapeutics in major disease areas, with selected investments in diagnostics and platforms to optimize patient therapy and drug discovery, development and delivery. Additionally, we focus on medical device investments across a broad range of traditional clinical areas and investment stages while eyeing potential new markets created by
technological advancements or other market trends.

Digital Health

In the rapidly changing landscape of today’s U.S. healthcare delivery system, one thing that remains the same is NEA’s commitment to its digital health practice, which has evolved into a platform model active across all stages of investment.

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