One Team. A World of Opportunity.

We are a global venture capital firm with a mission to make the world better by helping founders build great companies that improve the way we live, work and play.

In Key Industries

Across our portfolio, visionary entrepreneurs are at the helm of current and future industry-leading companies, fueling the development of technologies that will drive global innovation. Some of the most successful business leaders in each of these industries have joined forces with NEA as Venture Partners, bringing tremendous sector insight and deep networks.


We’ve built a premier technology practice by fueling the growth of disruptive enterprise and consumer technology companies, helping to build market leaders across a wide swath of sectors including software, security, fintech, ecommerce, media, and more.


NEA's commitment to healthcare investing spans decades, a rarity in venture capital. Across life sciences and digital health, companies in our portfolio have pioneered transformative medical innovations like balloon angioplasty and laparoscopic surgery, and pioneered new models of care delivery.

Across All Stages

NEA’s proven investment strategy spans all stages of a company's growth, from seeding innovations in emerging markets to funding early-stage companies in high-growth markets to fueling the growth of market leaders. Any stage of growth is the right stage to partner with NEA. We can add value and offer expert guidance throughout your company’s lifecycle—whether your big idea is at its inception or has already progressed to be a viable reality.

At A Global Scale

The last two decades have marked the largest expansion of the global economy the world has ever seen, with more than half of the expansion attributable to emerging economies. With bi-coastal U.S. operations and a growing international presence, NEA stays on the cutting edge of new technologies as we expand our global network.

Growing up on Both Coasts

More than 40 years ago, our founders formed the industry’s first truly bi-coastal firm. Our U.S. presence has grown to include offices in Menlo Park, San Francisco, New York, and the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. This enables NEA to find the best opportunities at the source of innovation, and to build a vast network of resources and expertise from coast to coast.

Built for Global Scale

NEA actively invests in fast-growing and emerging markets around the world, with particular focus on Europe and Asia. We are continuously expanding our global network to benefit companies in our portfolio--many of which are operating internationally from the earliest stages. Today our investing activities span five continents, and we think the world seems a little flatter every day.

Key Benefits


People are the driving force behind every successful business--including ours. This is what 'value add' means.

Deep roots and strong ties matter, and partnering with NEA means joining a thriving network of business leaders, entrepreneurs, technologists, and potential partners and customers. Entrepreneurs often tell us that our network is even more valuable than the capital we invest. We're committed to making sure that's the case.


Over more than four decades, $24 billion and more than 500 liquidity events, we've learned that size does have its advantages.

We use ours to create a global platform that gives us the insight, the flexibility and the efficiency to invest in big ideas--no matter where they are, or how far along they might be. Our scale enables us to seed innovations in emerging markets, fund early-stage companies in high-growth sectors, and fuel the growth of market leaders.


We are investors... and operators, technologists and entrepreneurs. We really do know it when we see it.

Nobody ever said sourcing innovation, spotting big market opportunities and building great businesses was easy--it's not! And doing it well for nearly four decades is no fluke. By combining deep sector knowledge, a collaborative team structure, and the broad perspective scale brings, we show up early, dive deep and make things happen.