Uniphore: Full Stack Enterprise Conversational Automation

Across our consumer and enterprise investments at NEA, we’ve seen a clear link between optimizing customer experience and business success. Despite many transformations in the way business is conducted, enterprises’ ability to handle customer concerns, questions, and requests in an optimized and consistent manner across modalities remains central to nailing customer satisfaction and often compliance requirements. Whether onshore or off, staffed with fulltime employees or gig workers, and with personnel working together in-person or now remotely—contact centers remain the central point from which enterprises manage their customer interactions across various channels at scale.

Contact centers have become dramatically more complex—evolving beyond the call centers of yesteryear to include legacy and modern modalities such as email, web chat, SMS, and social media in addition to voice. Despite their central importance to customer experience and brand value, many contact centers still lack a comprehensive, enterprise grade platform—this gap is impactful especially for large contact centers run by global BPOs, telecoms, insurance providers, financial institutions, and healthcare payors with complex and varied technology stacks combined with stringent compliance requirements.

We’ve seen how Uniphore fills this gap for enterprises, and that’s why we’re excited to lead Uniphore’s $400M Series E financing. Uniphore offers a comprehensive and powerful conversational automation platform that combines conversational AI, workflow automation, and robotic process automation (RPA) into a single, business user-friendly, integrated solution to transform and democratize customer experiences. Uniphore’s deep experience with large enterprise contact centers allows its platform to tightly integrate with diverse legacy and modern technology tooling, across on-premise and cloud deployments.

Starting with contact centers, where conversational automation represents a $350B market opportunity, Uniphore offers a platform built around four core services:

  • U-Self-Serve, designed to give businesses quick setup access to voice and chat-based conversational AI assistants
  • U-Assist, which serves up real-time call transcriptions and in-call coaching supercharged by RPA and integrations into the broader tech stack for actionability
  • U-Analyze, which uses natural language processing (NLP) to glean insights and generate analytics from customer conversations; allows high volume contact centers to truly analyze all conversations, including for compliance reporting, rather than simply sampling a small percentage
  • U-Trust, an automated voice authentication tool that helps verify an agent’s identity in the remote-working world

Demonstrating the value of its platform, Uniphore has closed multi-million dollar deals with customers and channel partners. Their current customers include brands such as Wipro, Priceline, DHL, WNS, Tech Mahindra, BYJU’s, NTT Data, Capgemini, and Sitel. Serving a diverse enterprise base, Uniphore’s customers include four of the top ten global BPOs, four of the top ten global telecoms, seven leading insurance providers, seven leading financial institutions, and four leading US healthcare payors.

Over time, Uniphore can offer value to other enterprise functions beyond the contact center, including sales, HR, and marketing, thus addressing a $1T market opportunity across the enterprise. Beyond applying NLP to chat and voice transcripts, Uniphore is also positioned to glean insights across all modalities of customer interactions, including computer vision-based analysis on facial expressions and extracting tonal emotions from voice, allowing the correlation of business outcomes to sentiment, engagement, and key moments across meetings.

We’re thrilled to join the Uniphore team on their journey to help enterprises around the world unlock one of their most valuable assets: customer conversations. Learn more about the team and vision here.