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  • 06/20/22

    We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

    Prologue While the path of today’s black investors appears lonesome, we do not walk alone. Current professionals may be singular or few in their…

    By: Hunter Worland

    Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing

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  • 11/19/20

    Our Investment in Datafold—the Data Observability Platform

    One of the biggest shifts we’re seeing in the data ecosystem is the rise of the analytics engineer. These are data practitioners who are used to…

    By: Peter Sonsini

    Big Data, Cloud Computing, Enterprise, Investment

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  • 08/08/18

    Digital Transformation Requires Leadership

    *Originally published on August 6th, 2018 on LinkedIn. The internet has had a massive impact on consumer and enterprise markets. However, it has…

    By: Jeff Immelt

    Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Strategy

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  • 04/16/18

    SaaStr Podcast Episode 171

    I recently connected with Harry Stebbings of SaaStr to chat about the evolution of opensource software. We covered developer demand, business…

    Cloud Computing, Investment, Strategy, Venture Capital

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  • 03/14/18

    Smartcar: Driving a New Standard for Automobiles

    It may come as no surprise that we at NEA are big fans of APIs (see MuleSoft and Plaid examples). APIs have become the fundamental backbone of every…

    By: Forest Baskett, PhD

    Big Data, Cloud Computing, Investment, Mobile, Services

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  • 12/11/17

    NEA & MuleSoft: The Rise of Application Networks

    The largest transformations in the world economy have often been the result of network effects. Throughout human history, remarkable progress has…

    Big Data, Cloud Computing, Enterprise

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